Published/Exhibited Photos

The Poetry of Light Exhibition, Assiniboine Park Conservatory

I am drawn to photography and poetry as expressions of creative passion. There is harmony between the two genres - images evoking words, and words evoking images. This collection of abstracts and their titles coalesce to represent my interpretation of The Poetry of Light.

The Poetry of Light exhibition explores the subtle and flamboyant nuances of light, reflection and refraction. My imagination was captured by the idea of making photographs using a combination of every day objects (fabric, jewellery, glass) and unique lighting (natural, candle, neon). I employ illusion and diffusion to craft these dream-like scenes. I hope that the descriptive titles of the pieces convey an impression of what inspired these otherworldly depictions. Please note that these images have not been digitally manipulated. Enjoy the magic!

The images from this exhibition may be currently viewed at:

Winnipeg by Winnipeg, Images of the City by Its Citizens, October 2013

Manito Ahbee Festival

Branch Magazine, Light and Shadows Issue, October 2013

Golden Quietude


Room of Reverie

Roseate Dunes


Exotic Forest

Red River Exhibition Photo Salon, June 2013


Dancing Flowers

Icy Iridescence

Lustrous Satin

Fantastical Frost Feathers

Canoeing in the Sky

Cre8ery Gallery, InspiRED Exhibition, March 2013

Fanciful Festoons

Vermilion Canyon

Hedgerow Poems, Number 102, January 2017

Astral Waterfall

Evanescent Gloaming


Lambent Heavens


Veil of Grace